Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Review

First, I think the book was good.

Here are some things I liked about the book.I loved the part when Ron burped out the slugs.  It was so disgusting!  My favorite quote was from Ron when he said, "Why do we have to follow the spiders why can't it be butterflies?"

I didn't like the part when they drunk the polyjuice potion because it made me almost vomit.  I stopped reading for a day or two when I got bored of  Harry potter.

Overall I liked the book because of all the magical things.  But some parts weren't so magical for me.


  1. Ron is hilarious! he is my favorite character!

    What part made you bored?

  2. The parts when Tom Riddle talks and talks and talks to him in the hallways.

  3. Kevin I am very excited for your blog, I am always looking for new books for my girls to read and having another childs perspective will be great! I loved the Harry Potter series, hope you keep going although they do get longer each time:) Have you read any of the books by Brandon Mull? Kate has read some of his stuff and is reading his book Beyonders right now, he actually came to her school on Tuesday which was pretty cool. Also I agree about movies being better than books, sometimes if I have read the book I don't even bother to watch the movie, the only movie I liked better than the book is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

    1. I have not read them yet, but I am going to read FableHaven soon. They look really cool.


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